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Our residency program

Our residency program reflects Ardon’s commitment to elevating the practice of specialty pharmacy. The program offers professional immersion that can be tailored to meet your individual goals.

As a resident pharmacist for Team Ardon, you will build trusting relationships with patients and serve as a resource to provide the best patient care possible. Our team members grow and develop skills together while offering a high-quality, well-rounded patient experience.

As an Ardon Health pharmacy resident, you’ll gain experience with:

  • Specialty medication dosing and administration
  • Patient education and counseling
  • Clinical monitoring programs development
  • Pharmacy operations, administration and information systems
  • Prior authorization and formulary review
  • Limited distribution medications
  • Evidence-based review and outcomes research
  • Managed care and ambulatory care pharmacy practice rotation

Residency brochure

How to apply

  • To learn more about Ardon’s residency program requirements and applicaton process, please see our ASHP residency directory listing.
  • Ardon participates in the Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service (PhORCAS). Please apply via the PhORCAS Applicant Portal.
  • Application deadline is the first Friday in January.


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Mina Baghzouz, PharmD, CSP
Residency program director