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Enhanced pharmacy services for payers

Achieve better outcomes for your members

As a benefits payer, you want to see your members stay healthy — especially those with chronic illness. At Ardon Health, we share that goal, too.

Our pharmacy services assist patients in properly managing tough conditions and achieving better outcomes. By acting as a resource, we connect them with the support they need to feel their best.

Plan on appropriate care

At Ardon Health, we know that a patient's health plan impacts the care they receive. That's why we partner with you, our payer partners, to understand the treatment that best aligns with your members' benefits. Our goal is to ensure they receive appropriate care, with strong adherence, every time.

To do that, we create a high-quality medication plan for each patient. Prior to filling prescriptions, we can also assist with acquiring physician authorization. If your members need a hand covering expenses, we actively reach out and connect them with organizations that can help.

Throughout treatment, we monitor patient progress and side effects, provide education and assess gaps. We use that insight to update our payers and physicians on patient health status. This personalized approach adds up to positive results for your members and their health.

Services for patients and providers

For many people, managing a chronic condition isn't easy. Ardon Health puts extra effort into helping your members learn the ropes and feel their best. We counsel patients on how and when to take prescriptions, dosage requirements and potential side effects.

We also work closely with providers to see that patients receive medication support and care once they leave the doctor's office. When providers have questions about medication reimbursement for their patients, we're here with answers.

In a nutshell, our high-touch pharmacy services include:

  • Patient orientation and counseling
  • Physician consultations and coordination
  • Competitive pricing
  • Medication reimbursement support
  • Custom packaging for dosage adherence
  • Refill reminders
  • 24/7 patient access to experienced pharmacists
  • Meeting space for patient advocacy groups

Access Rx analytics

Ardon Health also offers customized metrics and reporting services especially for payers. You'll gain a better understanding of patient behaviors, medication success rates and cost-saving strategies. Just contact us for details.


We're here to help. If you would like to learn more about our pharmacy services, please contact us anytime.