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Enhanced pharmacy services for drug manufacturers

Empower patients for success

Patients with chronic diseases often need complex treatments. But, understanding how to use those treatments isn't always easy. At Ardon Health, we help patients take these medications correctly and safely. This adherence brings greater value for patients – and for manufacturers.

To do that we partner with manufacturers like you to share information and promote positive patient results. Together, we achieve the best possible outcomes for patients undergoing medication therapy.

Count on compassionate care

We believe in personally connecting with patients. That means individually walking them through how and when to take prescriptions, dosage requirements and potential side effects. We also offer counseling services, educational tools and support as well as ancillary products and supplies to help patients cope with side effects and manage their condition.

This high-touch approach produces better results for patients. They are more likely to continue taking their medications and adhere to safety standards. That equals more timely refills and fewer discontinuations.

In a nutshell, we support patients with:

  • Orientation and counseling
  • Physician consultations and coordination
  • Custom packaging for dosage adherence
  • Adherence assessments
  • Refill reminders
  • Funding and reimbursement assistance
  • 24/7 patient access to experienced pharmacists
  • Meeting space for patient advocacy groups

Access patient prescription analytics

Ardon Health also offers customized metrics and reporting services especially for manufacturers. You'll gain a better understanding of behaviors and market trends for current products as well as future product launches. These metrics reveal how quickly medications are received, usage and adherence, satisfaction and more.

Partner with us

We enjoy collaborating with drug manufacturers to develop more ways to support improving patient outcomes. Together, we can better manage clinical pathways and trials that increase medication efficacies.

To learn about partnership opportunities, please contact us anytime